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Blu-ray 1 "Concert Movie" содержит: "30 Year Anniversary Show" Wacken Open Air 1. Intro 2. Wacken Anthem (We Are The Metalheads) 3. Burning The Witches 4. East Meets West (With Chris Boltendahl) 5. Raise Your Fist In The Air Hellhound 6. Revenge 7. Earthshaker Rock 8. Breaking The Law (With Phil Campbell) 9. All We Are (With Eric Fish, Joakim Broden And Corvus Corax) "30 Year Anniversary Show" Classic Night 1. Touch Of Evil 2. On The Run 3. Fear Of The Dark (With Blaze Bayley) 4. The Night Of The Warlock 5. You're My Family 6. Above The Ashes Beyond The Trees 7. Hero 8. Princess Of The Dawn (With Udo Dirkschneider) 9. Dancing With An Angel (With Udo Dirkschneider) 10. Hard Rock Hallelujah (With Lordi) 11. Love Me In Black 12. Fur Immer (Mixclip Classic Night / Rock Night) "30 Year Anniversary Show" Rock Night 1. Raise Your Fist In The Air 2. Save My Soul 3. Running From The Devil 4. Without You 5. East Meets West (With Sabina Classen) 6. Rock Till Death (With Hansi Kursch) 7. Bad Blood (With Lordi) 8. Denim And Leather (With Biff Byford) 9. Out Of Control 10. Wacken Anthem (We Are The Metalheads) 11. Metal Racer 12. Herzblut 13. Burn It Up 14. Balls To The Wall (With Udo Dirkschneider) 15. All We Are Общее время воспроизведения: 217 минут. Blu-ray 2 "Inside The Heart Of Doro" содержит: Behind The Curtain (Documentary) 1. Intro 2. Wacken 3. Summer Festivals 4. Legend Award 5. European Wintertour 6. South America 7. Monsters Of Rock Cruise 8. Dusseldorf Anniversary Shows 9. Eur...

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