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In the undercurrent of change and dynamic of the new millennium, both young and old have been challenged with adjusting to many possibilities regarding careers, relationships, families, and ambitions. In an inspirational guide to self-improvement, Brenda L. Turner-Miller demonstrates how we can all accomplish relational, career, and family goals by allowing faith, hope, and love to guide us as we journey through life.While addressing the divergent changes and learning experiences that can emerge while making plans for our careers, lives, and futures, Turner-Miller leads us down a fundamental path of reflection while sharing personal stories and insightful lessons that have outlined her own decision-making process as she encountered obstacles and triumphs. While drawing upon the conditions by which progress is made, Turner-Miller offers a foundational roadmap that will help others explore their own ideals for love, family, career, and personal ambitions, all while emphasizing the importance of holding onto faith, hope, and love to bring us full circle to a secure place.The Circle Back to Love guides others to explore the value of having faith, proclaiming hope, and holding onto love to find fulfillment and achieve goals.

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