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Brian and Gina Walden's A Brand New Marriage is an open, honest, and intimate look into their own life and the struggles they have endured. Through their story, Brian and Gina share hope, healing, and restoration for every marriage.As children we all have dreams and hopes about our future. Who will I marry, how many children will I have, and what kind of house will I live in? As a young girl Gina asked herself these questions and dreamt of a life of music and a lifetime of love. Her dreams came true as a Senior in high school, when she met a young man named Brian. They quickly fell in love and made a vow to spend the rest of their lives together.In their 20+ years of marriage they have experienced pain, loss, heartbreak, joy and victory. Now as marriage and family counselors, the Walden’s have opened up their hearts and lives by helping others believe for their own brand new marriage.This book ends with a 30-day challenge that will help you open pathways of communication in your marriage and rebuild what is broken. Accompanying this book is a compilation of beautiful love songs by Gina Walden. Each 30-day challenge and every song have been designed to help you and your spouse rebuild oneness in your marriage. The Walden’s have been featured on the 700 club, TBN, and have ministered in churches across America. Both Brian and Gina Walden are available for church services and special events. For booking information go to or email them at abrandnewday@hot...
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